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Usefull pages:

Knowledge source: Apex Code Developer’s Guide PDF / html – You must know this document from start to finish.
Visualforce Developer’s Guide / html –  You must know this document from start to finish. Developer Guide – You should read through this book also, as it has alot of nuggets. Pay attention to the tips scattered through out the book.
Salesforce Object Query Language / html –  You must know SOQL

Reqired knowledge:

Here are some high points of the exam:
Visualforce – know all of the components, how they are used and their attributes
Controllers – know the differences between custom controllers and extensions and how they function
Unit testing – how to write unit tests with proper test coverage
Email services – there were surprisingly numerous questions regarding inbound and outbound email
SOQL – you must know how to construct SOQL queries with and without related objects
Trigers – you must know what you can and can not do with triggers. The order of execution is also important.
Classes, method and annotations –  really dig into the classes section of the Apex Developer’s Guide


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