You can get Force IDE installer from here, section "Install as Standalone Application".
It is complete instalation with eclipse and Force IDE plugin

1. Open Force IDE
2. Select new project

3. Fill in login credentials for your Sandbox and press next.

4. Now you need to chose initial components. 

As default "Apex and Visualforce" is selected which is suitable only when you want to develop code.
For deploying changes from Sandbox to Live org more important is second option where you can select which components you want to migrate.
Please click "Choose..." button. It will

It will take some time to download metadata from Salesforce.

5. Now you can chose which components you need. For begging I will select:
"objects - standard" - they are standard salesforce objects like Leads, Accounts, Contacts etc
"objects - custom"  - they are objects created by you.

Then click OK button.

6. Now press "Finish" button. Popup will be shown and you need to wait until all metadata will be downloaded.

7. Project is ready and you can explore it.

Main folder is called "src". In that case we have sub folder "objects" where Standard and Custom object are mixed but you can differentiate it by suffix "__c" which mean that it is custom object.

8. If you will need to add more metadata i.e. Page Layouts then you can edit properties of current project.
Click on project name -> -> Add/Remove Metadata Components...
Then you will see window from step 4.

9. If you work in group the most useful function for you will be "Refresh from Server" (underlined above).
Then you will be sure that you have latest version of metadata and files.


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