Hi I am Pawel Wozniak from Poland.
My journey with Salesforce started in 2008 when I was working for Accenture Technology Solutions in The Netherlands. 
Since then been working on big projects for Roche, Spotify, General Electric, Philip Morris as well as on small ones for Ceva Logistics, Prüftechnik and Instamotion.com.
Such a broad spectrum and size of projects gave me the opportunity to work in every possible role, working as Admin, Developer, Architect in cooperation with product owners.

Continuously improving my knowledge, already have 12 certificates and planning next ones.


What I can do?

My specialization are small projects where I can recommend verified solutions and act as all in one Admin/Dev/Architect. If you are just starting with implementation I am the man who will help you drive it in a good direction.

Second specialization is cleanup and fixing chaotic Salesforce implementations.
Sometimes implementation starts are not well planned or are driven by requirements from different departments without common governance. Often it leads to a very buggy environment with duplicated data and Salesforce becomes harder to use at the end it becomes the most hated system in the company. 

I can help by auditing it, doing a health check, and preparing recommendations on what to fix. 


What else I can do?

Other topics that I can help with are:
- data discrepancy issues by analyzing issues and writing code for mass data update.

- deployment issues -  if you are getting errors every time and configuration is overwritten

- performance optimization. Does saving an account 5-10 seconds sound familiar?

- tests that sometimes are failing and sometimes not and you don’t know the reason.

- unused fields cleanup – are you afraid to delete fields because you don't know if they are used? 

- give a list of unused email templates, reports, dashboards, page layouts.

- improving error longing – code failed in PROD and you don’t have logs? Not anymore.

- track strange errors like “Too many DML, 1”, “Mixed DML Operation”.

- optimize code to avoid errors like “Too many DML”, “Too many SOQL statements: 101”, 


My other expirence

I have experience with most Administration topics, development in Apex, Visualforce, LWC, REST integrations with external services as well as creating SF API endpoints for external apps.

Can work with Sales, Service, Community clouds. Have also basic knowledge about CTI telephony integration.

As Senior Developer I can be a mentor and teach juniors. I have a master degree as a Computer Science Teacher. 


Contact me

If you think I can help on your project don’t hesitate to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Linked In:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/pawelwozniak/
I am based inside the EU, working as B2B, issuing VAT Invoices. 
Check my certificates https://trailblazer.me/id/pawelwozniak - click "Show More"


Suggested workflow

If you need one time help with specific topic 
1. Create a sandbox where this issue can be replicated
2. I am starting my work
3. Presenting solution in Sandbox

In case that it is a deployment issue or access to Production is needed create a separate support profile with limited access to data.

If required I can write work documentation about what has been done. See example article about OrgShape issue.

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